Sunday, March 4, 2012

Rollabout is more active in facebook

We are really sorry for we have not been updating this blog very much.
But, this doesn't mean we are not here,
We will still do the lots of updates over here;

We are not 'dead' but very active in facebook page instead.
Feel free to join in our facebook page for more local and international updates.

We've got the timeline page now.

Woot Woot~ Rollabout~!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jun Suzuki & Friends In Singapore

It was a great and chilling session with Jun Suzuki and his friends.
All the way from Nagoya, Japan...
A well known "old school" Japanese Vert Skater..
What is so respectful about them?
Definitely not the tricks they can do,
I am talking about the spirit of these rollerbladers.
I am talking about their age..
Jun, Ino, and Yoshi are same age this year, 37.
Mune is Ino's wife, very near to 35.
They not only can take the impact,
They aren't scared of height too.
That's what I'm talking about..


Check out more photos HERE

Thursday, May 12, 2011

P-Rail Making

This is how it happened..
The idea came out during my office hour,
Sketching out a very simple blueprint and sent to my brother Yaw;
and he agreed to take a shot see if we could make it.
So we went to get wood, PVC pipe, screws, and all the tools & equipment ready
on a Saturday morning.
I want to thank Yaw, for all his strength, power, passion, support, energy, etc.

First of all... you need to buy the materials.. Wood and PVC Pipe.. and of course, you must have your tools and equipment and do not forget your safety equipment as well.

It is a little IMPOSSIBLE if you think you can do it alone. So.. you will also need the best brother in the world to help you up.

Then only we start Making a P-Rail.

Measurement & Angle is important in making the "A" which accommodate the PVC Pipe.

Once done, Drill both pieces of wood to form a solid base from avoiding the "A" splitting.

Saw to trim the base #1.

Saw to trim the base #2, obviously, we need 2 bases, at least.

finishing base #2

Now, how to drill the PVC on the "A"?

prailmaking_001Measuring is required again.

Perfect is not necessary, but Do it precisely.

And this is how we secure the "A" on the Base.
3 screws went down directly.
Make sure they all go all the way in, best is to force them flush.

Most ppl still didnt get this as most of the online "How to make a P-rail edit" didn't show as close as this.
So, this is how we did it. Drilled a hole from the PVC and...

a screw went through the pipe and lock itself onto the "A".
You got to make sure the angle is correct.

And to avoid the crack like this.. drill at least approximately half a foot from the edge of the wood. Unless u are getting a high quality wood, then this notice is discard.

More screws for the base.
If the screw is too long and somehow pops out from the wood when u do the drilling from the PVC to the "A" with a wrong angle, you can alway cut the screw to shorter.


Almost done..

Final turn of the final screw, finally

Yeah!!! This is it, the making of P-Rail.


If u love stickers.. you could add them on as deco for ur personal p-rail.

After that.. Start skating~

Hope you enjoy reading this "P-Rail Making" page.
Try it yourself, GOOD LUCK!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ronda Ronda Blade 2011; Kg Batu


Without realizing much, a month has just past.
And so the Ronda Ronda Blade tour moving on.
Checked in their 2nd stop in Kg Batu Skatepark last weekend.
Stay tuned for more in our Rollabout facebook page.

Psstt!! For your information, RRB2011 is flying to Kuching next weekend,
Feel free to leave a message in our wall or here of you are interested to join in.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Ronda Ronda Blade 2011


Once again an announcement raises in Rollabout,
Malaysian biggest tour has begun,
100% from skaters for skaters,
Organized by,
Check out the blog and schedule at:

For those who is interested,
You could follow us in our facebook page.
Stay tuned on where the Ronda Ronda Blade is touring,
Drop a message if you are available.

This is just a beginning...
Let's go check out the photos for their 1st stop in Kuantan.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

USD Carbons II Review


It's been a long time since my last update of this blog,
First of all, I send my apologies to all you guys who are continuing to support.
There were a lot of things going on before this post.
However, what I am more interested of putting on this time is...
USD Carbons II.





My setup is to combine as much white as possible.
I like to see the carbon fibre texture to be obvious.
So white soul plates and white Create Original frames is my choice.

Fresh setup of my USD CarbonsII

Carbons II is the rollerblades I'd always wanted to own,
According to most rollerbladers, they will say:
"Carbons II? You will either like it or You will hate it."


I take my risk as I follow my instinct.
Well, I love it!

Over the pole
I've try the Kelso Carbons before.
Eventually, the Carbons II has made BIG improvements.
Especially the paddings, the insoles, built-in liners, etc.
All the combo improvements made were just perfect for my feet.


My advise to you all if you are getting the Carbons II is,
Get 1 size down of your normal size.
My case, I got myself 2 sizes down. Yes, I am serious.


I'll talk less and let's enjoy viewing my latest photos
Trying out the Carbons II in the streets in Sengkang area, place where I am staying now.

Needless to say more, I guess everybody know Carbons II before you read this page.
Yes, they are super light weight, super controllable, Comfortable, and
most importantly, they really give me more confidence.
You could mostly do what you imagined, feel what you imagined.


AO Soul



Backslide Cess


This is...


Please visit for more info.
Please visit for cheapest deal in town.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Skates on the Booth

There are many new skates going be reviewed around this season,
One of the long-waited, Valo Light.
And how light could this Valo be?
Stay tuned to the market, boys!

On the other hand,

We also spotted something else from The Conference,
Have you ever seen this boot before?
Is this the Imperial?

Notice the soulplate?
It is said to be Carbons2 and Imperial compatible.

Last but not least,
The Xsjado Avants with Pro-version instep straps.

And more to be reviewed,
So get your decision set,
and get ready your cash.
New skates are coming to town.

Friday, February 11, 2011

BladeROLLogist Camp 2011; SlowMo Edit


BladeROLLogist ain't end yet,
Check out the mind-blowing edit from Tan Wei Ken;
Super Awesome slow motion.
Enjoy the show~