Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Stay Inline

Roller Ladies & Gentlemen, Aggressive Inline Boys & Girls~!!!
Please be aware, here comes a mind blowing Rollerblading Competition~!!!

Organized by Wheel Love & Doshieskates~!!!
"Stay Inline Blade Competition"
As you can see from the poster above,
Yes, It's a BEST TRICK Competition,
That means, the best trick WINS~!!! (Duh~~)
Happening at the Wheel Love Skateshop Ghettopark~!!!

Not only that,
It's also a Pot Luck Buka Puasa,
So, make sure you burn all you have to win the comp,
Then fill your stomach up after that, Hah~!!!

Be there,
7pm, 14th August 2010.

At Wheel Love Skateshop,
And see the address in the poster,
Search the place by your GPS or iPhone 4.
Visit http://www.wl33.com for more information.

Good Luck~!!!

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